What an eventful start of the year so far!

Between getting our first shipment finally delivered to Wellington – post earthquake, and finalising steps to get our products into the market, Alistair and I had the amazing opportunity to go to the homeland…it was about time so we managed to squeeze a trip to Ecuador, mainly to touch base with all the people that somehow are becoming part of this project at Alma Engine.

On top of family commitments this was also a business trip, we are so pleased to have visited so many suppliers, logistics people, advisors and all the people interested on working with us, we thank everyone for your time and disposition and we hope to continue being in touch. It was also great to catch up with our marketing stars Maria Eugenia and Cristian, who hold the fort in homeland Ecuador.

It was so nice to see how the South American industries and specialty products keep flowering wherever we go. So many beautiful products to choose from, excellent quality, captivating flavours… supermarkets and shops are full with Latin goodness, we got the chance to discover new products literally everywhere we looked..what else can we ask for! More time maybe to try everything and anything.

One of the highlights of our trip was going to Quito to have a proper look at the facilities of one of our current suppliers, Spirit of Ecuador. Our photo above is with Gunther Ehmig, Manager of Spirit of Ecuador; they produce one of the most recognized liqueur brands in the country, most of their process is still carefully done by hand, such passion and commitment to quality results in a beautiful liqueur that is now available in New Zealand.

Alistair, with his Engineering hat on, had a great time discussing each process and the mechanics of each machine in detail. It was overall a pleasant experience to meet the team in Quito and one more time we believe we made a great choice to have them as one of our main suppliers.

If you would like more information about Spirit of Ecuador, please visit our Products page or email us here.


So what next for the quarter of 2017?..more work and more Latin goodness I would say! We are thrilled to start distributing Spirit of Ecuador in Wellington, we have plans to go beyond the capital as well so watch this space. There are also many events we will be thrilled to participate so we will keep you updated. An of course there are plenty more beautiful products on our wish list..it will be a matter of time to get them here, not long now though.

That is all from me for now, and as I said watch this space for more updates.

Saludos, Luisa




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